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RTS Engineering Ltd.

Our company was founded in 1990 as a Soviet-Swiss Joint Venture RTS. Our mission was delivery of technological equipment for PCB manufacturing, installation and putting the equipment into operation as well as guarantee and after guarantee service. Since 1992 we also fulfill delivery and service of general purpose laboratory equipment for research and clinical laboratories, delivery of high quality plastic for biology and medicine.

In 1996 our company was legally rewrote as a private company RTS engineering Ltd.

Today RTS engineering Ltd is activity developing in the following directions:

  • Projection, delivery and service of technological equipment for PCB production.
  • Delivery of tools and materials for PCB production.
  • Delivery and service of SMT equipment.
  • Delivery and service of laboratory equipment, supply of laboratory plastic for medicine, biology, microbiology, veterinary medicine, food industry, medical reproductive technologies and related branches.
  • Projection, delivery and service of plating lines for general galvanic and PCB production.
  • After-sales services and outsourcing.
  • Delivery spare parts of equipment.
  • Delivery and Service of equipment in Russian Federation, Belorussia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Meddle East ex USSR republics.
  • Should you need more information about us, our partners and about our services, please contact us.
RTS Engineering Ltd, Atarbekova str.,4, Moscow, 107076, Russia
+7 (495) 964-96-70, +7 (495) 964-47-48
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