Оборудование Технологии Сервис
Printer Circuit Boards

We carry out for our customers the following works:

I. Engineering
- consulting for choice of individual types of equipment for specific stages of technologic process of printed circuit boards production;
- development of technical project for printed circuit boards production for your workshop and your production tasks;
- preparation of offers for reconstruction of the existing  printed circuit boards production.

II. Delivery
- equipment for printed circuit boards production with delivery at site or from an equipment manufacturing plant;
- unique testing and repair equipment, digital non-contact automatic measuring systems for guaranteed control of quality of technologic process;
- spare parts;
- press-tools and separator plates for multilayer PC boards production;
- consumable and auxiliary materials;
- drills and routers for printed circuit boards production;
- universal software UCAM.

III. Service
- installation of the delivered equipment;
- guarantee and after-sales services of the delivered equipment;
- technical estimation of condition of customer's equipment;
- repair of equipment;
- update of equipment;
- electrical test of printed circuit boards on different steps of their production;
- training of your personnel for operating and servicing of the equipment delivered by RTS.

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